Week 14: Intro to Economics

Posted by SELINA JARVIS on 5/5/2019 3:00:00 PM

This week we will jump in deeply to our unit on economics. This unit gets mixed reviews from my students. Many find it easy and interesting; others find it difficult and confusing. Economics is like math. Every day we will take the previous day's subject and build upon it. If you miss a lesson, it is hard to get back on track so try to be in class and keep up in these next hectic weeks. The blog this week is going to start with a "what if" scenario. 

What if you won 50 million dollars on your 18th birthday? Would you be bankrupt by 25 or set for life? 

1. Read this article: Powerball Billions: Jackpot Payouts a Blessing or a Curse?

2. What did you learn about what you should do with your money, according to the author? Why, according to the author, do so many lottery winners lose everything?

3. What splurge would you make to keep within his 3% Rule?

4. Would you still go to college? Would you still pursue a career? 

5. How would your life be changed for the better? The worse?

The last day to post a comment for full credit is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 10th.