Week 10: Political Ideology

Posted by SELINA JARVIS on 3/31/2019 2:00:00 PM

Well, we are now officially halfway through the course! I have had a good time helping you learn about our government this nine weeks. Some of you still seem to be confused about whether you are a conservative (usually Republicans), liberal (usually Democrats) or moderate (Mostly in the Middle of these 2). This week, instead of an article, you will be taking a political ideology quiz. It is fairly simple and doesn't take long. The quiz will give you a great deal of information about what you think politically (your ideology). Here is what I would like you to do this week:
Take the quiz at Political Quiz. Then, come back here and explain your results in all of these categories:
1. Describe your ideology based on the quiz below. Use the results page AFTER taking the quiz.
  • (Mine is that of a core conservative, which is really a view of part of the Republican party.)
2. In what part of the quiz did you differ on than those typical of your ideology?  
  • (I am more liberal on social issues than most core conservatives.)
3. What did you learn about your ideology?
  • (I learned that only 13% of the population thinks like me. I am very pro-business.)

The last day to post a comment for full credit is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 5th.