AP Gov. Blog # 6.

Posted by JOANNA BLUME on 11/1/2021

One topic this course emphasizes is that Congress is the "first branch of government." What that exactly means today is often up for interpretation.  The Framers gave the Congress the power to tax, the power to make laws and the power to fund nation's programs-just to name a few. Most Americans, however, give the President the blame or credit--depending on their ideological point of view. With our two party system, bills are being introduced and supported along party lines. This polarization between the 2 parties sometimes seems as wide as the Pacific Ocean. What to do? What kind of compromises will be hammered out, if any?  Here is what I would like you to do this week:

  1. Click on the first website below. Pick one proposed bill to study. Click on the bill first, then study 3 tabs (overview, summary, details) about the bill. You can also click on the 4th tab, text, if you want to read your chosen bill in detail. Come back here to comment on what you think our course of action should be.  Which side do you most agree with and why? What should we do about this issue?
  2. Next, go to the second link to public opinion polls and find out on what a majority of Americans think.  How do your views stack up? In your post, make it apparent to me that you have studied the trends.

Bills and Resolutions of the 117th Congress


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