Alert Now Messages

Alert Now Messages

Parents, if you are not receiving the weather related phone calls or would like to add or change the numbers receiving the calls please take note of the following items:

Emergency weather related calls are sent to the following phone numbers listed in PowerSchool:
Primary Home Phone number (may be a cell phone)
Parent #1 Cell Phone
Parent #2 Cell Phone
These phone numbers are updated through the HomeBase Parent Portal. If you have not yet completed your 17-18 information update, please complete this in order to ensure all of your contact information is accurate.

Also within the HomeBase Parent Portal is a link titled “BrightArrow Messages”. This link allows you to view and listen to any message that have been sent for your student. This link will also allow you the opportunity to add up to 3 additional phone numbers to receive calls from Currituck County Schools.

The link to access your HomeBase parent portal is located on the Currituck County Schools webpage at:
On the left look for: "Home Base/NCEdCloud/IAM: Parent only

If you have not yet created your HomeBase parent portal there is also a link for a quick reference guide to assist you with this process. Look for the link titled: Accessing the Parent Portal and Updating Information

Any further assistance needed with the HomeBase Parent Portal or the automated call system please e-mail or phone the Currituck County Schools Registration Center at: