MES has earned the Purple Star Award for its work in supporting children of military families!


Congratulations to Moyock Elementary School, as we have received notice that MES has been selected for the Purple Star Award, an NC Department of Public Instruction Award given to schools/districts who put into place military-friendly practices and a commitment to military students and families!

MES began putting in specific processes after 53% of its population was shown to be military-connected (362 students out of its current population of 686). Though MES already had processes in place such as transitional support for new students and first day student tours, counselor assistance including student deployment groups and mentorship partnerships with the local Coast Guard unit, several new processes were put into place to make it even more military-child supportive. In addition to a staff training on the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, MES will be celebrating its first ever “Month of the Military Child” this Spring and “Purple Up for Military Kids” coming on Thursday, April 14th. Parents can also look for a survey asking where military children have lived throughout deployments. This data will be presented in the form of a world map, representing various spots around the globe!

Mrs. Kelly (Principal) and Mrs. Cox (Counselor), will be accepting the Purple Star Award recognition on behalf of MES. For more information on the Purple Star Award through NC DPI, click on the NCDPI Purple Star website and video.