What is my responsibility as a student in AP Seminar?

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So, we - CollegeBoard and the community of instructors teaching AP Seminar - expect certain, higher, levels of personal discipline from students enrolled in AP Seminar meaning students should be prepared to develop quality academic habits that transfer to the next level of education. First among those habits is the willingness to ask questions and the willingness to hear and consider other perspectives. So, going all the way back to 4th century B.C.E., Aristotle says to the teachers of Athens, "one person's ideas are a single thread in a tapestry..." Understand that no one demands you agree with another or adopt someone else's ideas, but we must respect others' perspectives and opinions. We must also understand that we do teach others how to treat us by how we act and react when we come into conflict. It is the principal responsibility of AP Seminar students to engage each other respectfully. 

Now, academic habits also: deadlines are firm. Teamwork is expected. 

You should be prepared to write and to accept feedback on that writing. You should be prepared to present in front of your peers. 

You should also come to class prepared by having read and annotated the assigned reading; and, having completed whatever out-of-class work that has been assigned. Understand that there is no busy work in AP Seminar. Every assignment has a clear and defined purpose so missing the assignment means missing out on developing or practicing skills that you are going to need in order to be successful later; especially when it comes time to prepare your exam components. 

AP Seminar rewards honest effort.