What do we study in AP Seminar?

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AP Seminar is an interdisciplinary course. That means that we study broad topics from different perspectives. Broad topics we have studied before include developing water crises; the neuroscience of gaming; medical ethics; G.M.O. foods; curriculum design; fast fashion; American domestic poverty; A.I. development; cryptography; literary influences on early American society; and military history, among many others. Students take varied perspectives - or occupy different roles - in their studies. For example, students researching the impact of G.M.O. crops on the American food system will adopt different guiding perspectives. One student may approach the G.M.O. question from the perspective of a biologist, another from the perspective of an economist, and another from the perspective of a social worker in a low-income community. The division of labor in such a way gives students the opportunity to develop accurate and directed research skills and critical reasoning practices that afford them a much stronger position as they transition into their colleges or careers after high school.