How do I earn a 4 or 5 on the AP Seminar exam?

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Firstly, your overall class grade is separate from your exam component scores. In fact, the CollegeBoard does not allow students to receive a grade in the class grade book for exam components. Your Individual Research Report, Team Multimedia Project, and Final Exam do not get calculated into your class grade. 

Students who earn top scores on the Seminar Exam do have several habits in common. First, those students take direction and apply the feedback they get on written drafts and multimedia draft presentations. So, when you receive a draft back of your research report that is covered with comments and suggestions written into the margins - read, consider and apply that feedback. Practice delivering presentations, also. Public delivery of presentations is a major component of the course exam. You want to deliver your presentation with confidence both in your work and in yourself. 

Of course, these exam components cannot be put off. Procrastination will hinder you and there is no grace from your instructor or from the College Board. AP Seminar is structured in such a way that you have plenty of time in class to complete all of the components that make up the exam for AP Seminar.