Update 4-24-2020

Posted by RENEE DOWDY on 4/24/2020 3:00:00 PM

Good evening Currituck County Schools' families. Over the last two days, we have all received a lot of information about the status of our schools, grading, and remote learning. At times, this information can be overwhelming. As of this afternoon, we learned from Governor Cooper that schools will remain physically closed for the remainder of the year. Remote learning opportunities will still move forward for all students between now and the end of the year.

Grading guidance has been issued by the state for two distinct categories: Seniors and Students in Grades K-11. This grading guidance contains a lot of information to process through. School districts have been told that additional clarification and publicity materials to include webinars will be sent out within the next 7-10 days. Currituck County Schools has posted the latest grading guidance to our website and social media outlets. We are looking to post a video explanation of this guidance early next week for students and parents. In addition, an opportunity to submit questions will be available to students and parents to accompany the video should questions still remain after reviewing the video.
Our parent portal was closed over spring break and remains closed at this time. The newest guidance for grading from the State Board of Education does have an impact on how we move forward with grading. Therefore, our parent portal will remain closed until we have had the opportunity to meet virtually with teachers to assist them with the logistics of this latest grading guidance. We know this causes some anxiety and frustration for parents. We ask for your patience so that we can ensure accurate information is provided as we move to open the portal back up.
We are deeply saddened to know that we will not physically return to school and be able to see all of our amazing students and colleagues. We also know that there are many questions that still linger about important events like graduation, awards ceremonies, promotion ceremonies, and even prom. What we can tell you is that we at Currituck County Schools will do everything in our power to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and see that these special events happen in some way.