Bells 2&4. Blog # 13

Posted by JOANNA BLUME on 5/18/2020

This week will be begin our unit on Political Parties and Elections.  Some of you might be confused about whether you are a conservative (usually Republicans), liberal (usually Democrats) or moderate (Mostly in the Middle of these 2). This week, instead of an article, you will be taking a political ideology quiz. It is fairly simple and doesn't take long. The quiz will give you a great deal of information about what you think politically (your ideology). Here is what I would like you to do this week:
Take the quiz at Political Quiz. Then, come back here and explain your results in all of these categories:
1. Describe your ideology based on the quiz below. Use the results page AFTER taking the quiz.
2. In what part of the quiz did you differ on than those typical of your ideology?  
3. What did you learn about your ideology?.
Your response should be at least five sentences in length.  Please remember to SIGN IN and EDIT your writing.