Bells 2&4. Blog # 11

Posted by JOANNA BLUME on 4/26/2020

THis week we will begin our study of the third and final branch of government, the judicial branch. The role of the judicial branch is to interpret the law, right? However, judges do not always reach the same conclusions when they interpret the law. Some judges view themselves as strict constructionists. These people believe in going by literally what our Constitution says. Others have a view of a judicial activist. These people believe that the Constitution should evolve with the times. When these two views clash, you get divisive decisions handed down. With this discussion in mind, here is what I would like you to do:
1. Go to Complete List of Controversial Cases and choose one case and read the case description. 
2. Come back here and first explain which case you chose and what it was about.
3. Explain what makes this case so controversial. (If you can't do this, pick a different case!)
4. How did the Court decide the case? Explain their decision. 
Your response should be at least five sentences in length. Please remember to SIGN IN and EDIT your writing.