Bells 2&4. Blog # 10.

Posted by JOANNA BLUME on 4/19/2020

This week we will begin our study of the Executive Branch of government.  The President is considered to be one of the most powerful positions in the world.  Long workdays, high amounts of stress, and constant scrutiny make Presidents age quickly.  Do the perks outweigh the stress? I will let you study a typical week in the President's life. Here is what I would like for you to do this week.

Click on link below to study the President's daily agenda. After studying President Trump's schedule for 2 different days, please do all of the following:
1. What 2 days did you study?
2. What patterns or trends do you notice about these 2 work days?
3. What do you think is the hardest part of his job during those 2 days? What do you think would be the most enjoyable part?
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