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District Team Presents Strategic Plan at Regional Conference

Learning never stops, and together, we grow! Currituck County Schools district and school leaders attended the NERESA (Northeast Regional Education Service Alliance) Fall Leadership Conference held on November 3th and 4th in Kitty Hawk. This annual high-quality professional development brings learning, networking, and sharing opportunities.

A district team, including Dr. Matt Lutz (Superintendent), Renee Dowdy (Assistant Superintendent), Christy Hodges (Director of Curriculum & Instruction), and Emily Forehand (Literacy Instructional Coach), led a presentation on our Currituck County Schools 2021-2026 District & Curricular Strategic Plans.

In addition to the Strategic Plan presentation, Mrs. Denise Fallon, Principal at J.P. Knapp Early College High School, presented "Do You Believe in Magic? Turning a Traditional PD into an Engaging Learning Opportunity." Mrs. Fallon shared and modeled how the JPK administration creates magic during school-level professional development through planning and utilizing specific strategies.

View the photos below for a snapshot of the CCS district and school leaders at the NERESA Conference.

CCS at Conference

Above: District & School Leaders from Currituck County Schools attended the NERESA 2022 Fall Leadership Conference.

District Strategic Plan Presentation 1

Above: Renee Dowdy (Asst. Superintendent), Dr. Matt Lutz (Superintendent), Emily Forehand (Literacy Instructional Coach), and Christy Hodges (Director of Curriculum & Instruction) presented to over 40 attendees about the CCS District & Curricular Strategic Plans.

District Strategic Plan Presentation 2

Above: Dr. Matt Lutz answers questions while explaining the timeline of plan development and implementation, including the next few years to come.

District Strategic Plan Presentation 4

Above: Renee Dowdy shares starting the plan through listening sessions & interviews.

District Strategic Plan Presentation 5

Above: Christy Hodges talks about the CCS Curricular Strategic Plan and the importance of consistency, including new curricular parameters implemented in the 2021-2022 school year.

District Strategic Plan Presentation 6

Above: Emily Forehand expands on the Curricular Strategic Plan, going into detail about common language & vetted resources.

District Strategic Plan Presentation 7

Above: Christy Hodges presents as part of the district team on the CCS District & Curricular Strategic Plans.

Fallon Presentation

Above: Denise Fallon, Principal at J.P. Knapp Early College High School in Currituck County, presents on making magic happen at the school level through meaningful & purposeful professional development.


For more information on the Currituck County Schools District Strategic Plan, please click HERE.