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Welcome to Currituck County Schools

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    Welcome to the Currituck County School District, located on the coast of beautiful North Carolina.  Currituck is the most northeastern county in North Carolina just south of Chesapeake, Virginia and just north of Kill Devil Hills.  Currituck is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and sport hunting and fishing areas in the state. In addition, Currituck hosts expansive farm land, some of the region's best farmer's markets, Corolla, and the Currituck Lighthouse.
    The Currituck County School System serves approximately 4100 students in ten schools. This includes six elementary schools, two middle schools, an Early College High School and a traditional comprehensive high school. Currituck County Schools boast beautiful school facilities with the technology and equipment to ensure that our educators can prepare our students for the 21st Century and beyond. Currituck County Schools is led by a five member Board of Education who are dedicated to the very best education for each and every student.


  • A Message for Currituck County Parents, Students, and Staff

    Threat events have been occurring this weekend through today in school districts around our area.  We understand these threats are cause for concern and we share in those very same concerns with you. The Currituck County School District and the Sheriff's Department are prepared to immediately investigate and take action on any and all threats that are made regarding our students, staff, and school district.

    Communication is important when there is a safety concern and we will work diligently to provide as much communication as possible to our parents and staff. On a related note, please encourage your children to report concerning posts/messages to you and/or school administrators.  Talk to your children regarding their fears and concerns, but also about the consequences of inappropriate things posted or communicated to others.  All threats will be investigated and addressed by school administrators and law enforcement.

    We will continue to remain vigilant in our safety efforts. The Currituck County School District is committed to providing safe and productive environments that enhance learning.

    Thank you for your support!

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  • 2018-19 New Student Enrollment Now Open

    Currituck County Schools is pleased to provide an electronic enrollment process for parents to pre-register students for the 2018-2019 school year. If your child will be 5 years old by August 31, 2018 they are eligible to enroll in Kindergarten. If your child will be 4 years old by August 31, 2018 you may submit an enrollment application for your child to be considered for the North Carolina Pre-K program.

    If you are planning to relocate to Currituck County and your children will be attending Currituck County Schools for the 2018-2019 school year you may begin the enrollment process now. Click HERE to access the 2018-19 School Year electronic enrollment portal.

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  • Student Enrollment for 2017-18 ONLY

    Click HERE to register a new student for the 2017-18 school year or apply for the NCPK Program.

    To complete the registration process, a legal parent/guardian must bring the following documents to the CCS Registration Center. For more information and details on required documentation needed to complete the registration process, please click HERE.   If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 252.453-0205. 

    If you receive an error when clicking on the link to register, it is likely due to minor maintenance issues with your personal device. Most often the technical issue can be resolved by simply clearing your browsing history, cashed images, and cookies or switching to another browser. If you are still experiencing difficulties you may call 1-866-752-6850 for further technical assistance.

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  • calendar

    The Currituck County Board of Education approved revisions to the 2017-18 academic calendar to make up for the lost instructional hours from January's inclement weather closings.

    Ten minutes will be added to the instructional day for students and staff at each of the elementary and middle schools effective Monday, February 12th. The additional ten minutes per day until the end of the school year will provide the hours needed to meet the state requirement of 1025 instructional hours in an academic calendar year. Each school's dismissal time will reflect the addition of these 10 minutes. 

    We appreciate the nearly 950 responses to the district's Inclement Weather Make-Up Day Survey. Parent and staff input from the survey supports the decision to add these minutes. Furthermore, the Board of Education discussed and outlined a plan should the district have to close school and make-up additional time for inclement weather in the future.

    New Dismissal times effective 2/12/18:
    KIES- 3:10pm
    MES- 2:40pm
    SES- 2:40pm
    CES- 3:10pm
    GES- 2:40pm
    JES- 3:40pm
    MMS- 3:45pm
    CCMS- 3:10pm
    As additional inclement weather days occur, and the Currituck County Schools are required to make up additional time, time will be made up as needed by making changes to the academic calendar in the following order:  
    1) April 25th Early Release Day will become a full student day.
    2) May 8th Workday (Primary Elections) will become a full student day.
    3) March 30th Early Release Day will become a full student day.
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  • Currituck County Schools – “Did You Know?” Newsletter (January 2018 edition)

    Did you ever wonder where the Currituck County Board of Education gets the funds to operate the schools?  This newsletter, "School Funding & Budget 101", provides the answers..  

    Newsletters from prior months are available at this link.

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  • Alert Now Messages

    Parents, if you are not receiving the weather related phone calls or would like to add or change the numbers receiving the calls please take note of the following items:

    Emergency weather related calls are sent to the following phone numbers listed in PowerSchool:
    Primary Home Phone number (may be a cell phone)
    Parent #1 Cell Phone
    Parent #2 Cell Phone
    These phone numbers are updated through the HomeBase Parent Portal. If you have not yet completed your 17-18 information update, please complete this in order to ensure all of your contact information is accurate.

    Also within the HomeBase Parent Portal is a link titled “BrightArrow Messages”. This link allows you to view and listen to any message that have been sent for your student. This link will also allow you the opportunity to add up to 3 additional phone numbers to receive calls from Currituck County Schools.

    The link to access your HomeBase parent portal is located on the Currituck County Schools webpage at:
    On the left look for: "Home Base/NCEdCloud/IAM: Parent only

    If you have not yet created your HomeBase parent portal there is also a link for a quick reference guide to assist you with this process. Look for the link titled: Accessing the Parent Portal and Updating Information

    Any further assistance needed with the HomeBase Parent Portal or the automated call system please e-mail or phone the Currituck County Schools Registration Center at:

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  • Integrated Family Services Chat Line

    Our school district is committed to providing resources to all students and families to ensure emotional well-being, healthy living, and wellness in all aspects of one's life.  Thus, Currituck County Schools is pleased to inform our community of a partnership with Integrated Family Services that provides a Crisis CHAT line available for all staff, students, parents, family, and friends offering online emotional support 24 hours a day.  Any life issues may be discussed utilizing the Crisis CHAT line.  The goal of Integrated Family Services Crisis CHAT line is to help you and others reduce stress and feel empowered to make healthy decisions.  To utilize this free service, simply go to and click the "chat with us" icon at the top of the page.  School Counselors at each school also have this access information and other resources which may assist our families.  Please feel free to contact your school's counselor if you have questions or need more information.

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  • New Student Crossing Instructions for Bus Riders

    This year, North Carolina will be implementing new procedures for students who must cross the street to board a school bus. These procedures will be implemented in an effort to ensure student safety and avoid serious accidents when students must cross a road to board a school bus.  Parents are encouraged to read and reinforce these procedures before the school year begins.  Students will receive instruction on these new procedures during the start of the school year.  Parent assistance in reinforcing these signals is appreciated!  Click HERE for more information.

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  • 2016-17 Read to Achieve results for Currituck County Schools are now available.  Click to view the district report.  Click to view a summary of 1st and 2nd grade proficiency.

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