• Math 24 17-18 Pictured Above is Mrs. Neupert (coach), Emma Frierdich (2nd Place District Winner!), and Mrs. Hughes (head coach) after representing Moyock Elementary in the County Wide Tournament! 


    If you are a MES fourth or fifth grader looking for a challenge, “24” may be for you! “24” is a fast paced, problem solving/computation competition where students race  to see who can correctly combine four numbers to get a solution of 24. Sound easy? You may be surprised how challenging it is!

    “24” Math Club meets on Tuesdays after school from 2:30-3:30 with faculty sponsors, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Hatfield, Mrs. Kight, and Mrs. Neupert. Parents are responsible for arranging reliable and timely transportation for their child. Club members participate in the county-wide “24” tournament in the spring.

    Interested!? There will be a deck of “24” cards placed in all 4th and 5th grade classes for you to begin practicing NOW! In early October, we will invite all students who want to play to stay after school for an “in house” qualifying 24 tournament. We will choose the students with the highest scores at the tournament to be on our school Math 24 team. We only have spots for 24 players.

    It’s up to YOU!!! See you at 24! Here’s the link to the official “24 game” website for tournament rules and ordering information: www.24game.com

    If you are interested in ordering a set to practice with at home, we practice with and compete with the set of 96 cards that is available on amazon.com.



    Our 2017-2018 Math 24 Team! 

     2017-2018 Math 24 Team

Last Modified on March 6, 2018