• Race to the Top:  Career and College Ready, Set, Go!

    Currituck County Schools is participating with NC Department of Public Instruction's federal Race to the Top initiative and gearing up to win the race through North Carolina's Career & College: Ready, Set, Go!  
    Using the $244,000 we will receive over the next four years, Currituck County Schools plans to put RttT funds to good use with creative and meaningful programs and activities that will result in more students:
    • graduating from high school,
    • being better prepared for college, and
    • possessing skills necessary for careers in today's economy.

    Career & College: Ready, Set, Go! supports the work of educators across North Carolina through professional development, technology and new standards and assessments. It focuses around four "pillars" of work:

    To find out more about the state's plan for Career & College: Ready, Set, Go!, visit NC Race to the Top (RttT).

Last Modified on August 21, 2011