CCHS Academically Intellectually Gifted Home Page



    CCHS AIG Coordinators:
    Brittany Al Attabi
    balattabi@currituck.k12.nc.us or (252) 453-0014 ext 3066
    Anita Rubino 
    arubino@currituck.k12.nc.us  or 252-453-0014, ext. 3092
    *Please be aware that the Currituck County AIG Plan is posted on the County website:  CCS AIG Program  
    *Once a year, there will be a meeting between the AIG Coordinator and the student/parents to discuss student interests
    and other activities/scholarships/internships that will be available throughout the school year.  
    *Parents are asked to fill out the following form and return to the AIG Coordinators in preparation for the annual review
    of the student's AIG plan.  
    Student: Pre-Meeting Form 
    *We are also posting opportunities and resources for a more permanent presence on our CCHS AIG symbaloo to be found here: Symbaloo



Last Modified on January 30, 2024