• Zscaler

    Posted by KATHRYN BLADES on 8/22/2018 9:05:00 AM

    Zscaler Filter


    The first time you use a browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or Internet Explorer) you must login to Zscaler to use the CCS school wifi or internet.


    MCNC User Name Sign In Box

    Enter your Currituck Gmail address. Example: kblades@currituck.k12.nc.us.

    Click Sign In.

    Box Where Password is Entered

    Enter your Powerschool, or network login, password.

    Click Sign In

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  • Technology Tips for New School Year

    Posted by KATHRYN BLADES on 8/20/2018 7:00:00 AM

    Welcome Back to the 2018-2019 School Year

    Chrome and Firefox are a good choice for a browser.

    With Firefox, you must disable the pop-up blocker.

    Select "menu," and "options."


    Select Menu and Click Options

    Select Privacy and Security Tab

    Uncheck box beside Block pop-up windows

     Select Privacy and Security (highlighted) and uncheck Block pop-up windows





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  • How to Reset an Ipad

    Posted by KATHRYN BLADES on 9/12/2017 1:35:00 PM

    To reset your ipad go to 

    Settings>General>Scroll down to Reset>

    Select "Erase All Content and Settings."

    Type in the Apple password or passcode.

    A warning box will appear, with the option to Erase the Ipad in red.

    Tap this.

    (You must have the password or passcode to reset an Ipad.)



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  • Create Gmail Groups

    Posted by KATHRYN BLADES on 9/1/2017 4:05:00 PM

    Open GMail

    Change from "Gmail" to "Contacts.

    Change to Contacts

    Click Import Contacts.

    Import contacts

    Browse for file. File must be a .csv spreadsheet file.

    Browse for file and Import

    Choose file and click --> Import.

    Click to open group.

    Click Imported

    Rename Group

    Click More--> Rename. OK.

    Click More and Rename.


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  • PowerSchool Rosters for Gmail Groups and Go Guardian Classes

    Posted by KATHRYN BLADES on 9/1/2017 1:25:00 PM

    Create a PowerSchool roster, and edit it a bit to create a GMail "group" roster

    and Go Guardian roster.

    The formula is =concatenate(b2,"@",c2)


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  • Go Guardian Class Setup

    Posted by KATHRYN BLADES on 9/1/2017 1:15:00 PM

    Go Guardian Teacher https://goo.gl/mCuhEc

    Log in with Google (Gmail)

    Log in with Google

    Click → +Class

    Enter the name of the class or bell

    Choose a color

    If you want to setup a class schedule you may, or click Skip and set it up later.

    Get class code and share with students or upload a CSV file.

    If you choose to share the code, you must “enroll” students after they join your class.

    To Archive Classes From Previous Years

    Scheduling Sessions

    Archive Classes From Previous Years

    Select the Class

    Click → Settings

    Archive Class


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  • Student Rosters from PowerSchool

    Posted by KATHRYN BLADES on 9/1/2017 1:00:00 PM

    Log In to PowerSchool

    Open Gradebook

    Select Reports --> Student Rosters

    Select the bell or period.

    Choose the fields you want to add.

    To use the roster for a Gmail contact groups or a Go Guardian roster, select Name and ID.

    ***Select the Format tab. Change the output to "Excel." (The default is .pdf.)

    Run the report.

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  • Welcome Back

    Posted by KATHRYN BLADES on 8/14/2017

    Welcome back. I am looking forward to this school year and working with you and your team. Please add me to your PLN. @kfblad

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  • Learning in Your Pajamas, Summer Edition: Edtech Podcasts, Your Pajamas, and a Cold Glass

    Posted by KATHRYN BLADES on 7/1/2017


    Photo by Erick Drost CC by 2.0  https://flic.kr/p/vBmx55

    Learning In Your Pajamas, Summer Edition. Padlet link> Click here.

    1. Step 1 - The first step (box) on the padlet links to a video explaining how to create a padlet.

    2. Step 2 - Listen to the ten edtech podcasts.

    3. Create a padlet. Create two reflections per podcast.

    4. Share your padlet with kblades@currituck.k12.nc.us and msimmons@currituck. Copy and paste the link (public link, not private) into an email and send the email to Kathy Blades, kblades@currituck.k12.nc.us and Mary Simmons, msimmons@currituck.k12.nc.us.

    5. Kathy will send you a certificate and cc: your Human Resource dept if you send her the name and email address of your HR person.

    6. If you are a Currituck teacher, you must register for the course, Sea-system 13-389 and complete the Seasystem survey. The survey will post on August 15 so be on the look out for it.


    Due date, August 14, 2017 before school begins.

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  • Sea-System Signup

    Posted by KATHRYN BLADES on 6/29/2017 1:00:00 PM

    Here is the link for Sea-System Sign Up


    Once you click the link, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "New or Edit/Review Activity Proposal."

    Click District Activities 

    Insert Activity Number and click View.

    Seasystem Sign Up

    Complete the rest of the form

    How to Find Seasystem on the Currituck Website


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