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    Mrs. Michele Carroll

    Room 405
    English Language Arts 
    (252) 435-2566, ext. 405

    Mrs. Carroll's Email- mcarroll@currituck.k12.nc.us
     Welcome to the Sixth Grade
               Mrs. Michele Carroll   
    Educational Background
    I grew up in Clarion, Pennsylvania and received a Bachelor's of Science degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. I have been teaching in Currituck County Schools for twenty four years now. I started teaching at Moyock Elementary School and  moved to Moyock Middle School when it opened in 2002. 
    I enjoy spending time with my family,and traveling to watch my daughter play softball and .
    I am also an avid fan of the

    Pittsburgh Steelers.
    First Nine Weeks

    English Language Arts                                                    
     In the 1st nine weeks we will be focusing on themes and central ideas of different literary works, poetry, and informational text. We will also analyze how a character, event, or idea is introduced, illustrated, and elaborated in a text. Different types of genres will be introduced along with how an author develops the point of view of a narrator or speaker.
      In writing we will review grammar and the different types of editing marks. They will be able to write short pieces using the correct organization and style that is appropriate to the specific task given.
    Reading Requirements
                    Due Dates:
                  1st Nine Weeks
    1. September 14
    2. September 24
    3. October 5
    4. October 15
    5. October 26
         Reading is a very important part of my classroom. Students are required to bring a book to class each day and be ready to discuss or write about it at any given time. They will not be required to keep a reading log, but I will strongly encourage them to read at home. Each nine weeks, they will be required to read a certain number of books from different genres. A.R. tests are available for them to take, but do not count as a grade.
                                                  Realistic fiction