• Technology Team

    Our team of highly trained and dedicated staff strive to provide the best services to all our departments to ensure smooth operations for our school organization.  With our ultimate goal being to provide the support needed to seamlessly implement technological tools to enhance the learning environment in order to engage all our students.  This will, in turn, advance their educational experience by preparing them to live and work in an ever changing global community. 


    Unfortunately we know that times arise when the tools we want to use aren't functioning successfully.  During those times:

    Staff members - Please sign into a Currituck County Schools' Computer to submit a Technology Request using the icon in the apps launcher.  If you need to access technology help but you are unable to submit from a CCS computer or are encountering issues while not at a CCS location, sign into the website and to to the  Tech Support and Web Links section or contact your school secretary, school technology assistant, or administrator for the help desk number. 

    Students - Please contact your teacher for assistance.
Last Modified on August 30, 2018