Wow, what an ending to a school year huh? Well the summer is over and it is time to get back to it. Hello, my name is Curtis Horne and I will be your Social Studies teacher this year. My teaching career began in the fall of 2001, so that makes this my 20th year of teaching. For that 2001-2002 school year, I taught 4th grade. Since then, I have split the remaining years between the 8th grade (8 years) and the 7th grade (10 years). It is going to be a different start to the year but you know, our goal for the year is going to be the same; furthering your education. So let's get started.


    Homeroom Orientation will be Wednesday, August 19 at 1 pm. I will send a link out to the students and parents. In the meantime, here is an introductory video.



Last Modified on August 15, 2020