We are heading into the homestretch of this most unusual school year. My prayer is that we all learned something about ourselves during this pandemic. Speaking of learning, we will be focusing in on:

    -the events that led up to World War One.

    -World War One key battles and tactics of the war.

    -the effects of World War One on the political landscape of Europe and the ravages of the economic and culutral effects this war had on the people.


    The plan for World War Two is the same as for World War One. In addition we will look at the formation of the United Nations and how it has changed the way the world's nations interact.


    We will also be looking at The Holocaust. Among the topics will be:

    -What was it?

    -Who was involved?

    -Personal stories from survivors.

    -Why, throughout history, have the Jewish people been hated?

    -Put Nazi's on trial.


    If time permits, we will also look at:


    -World Organizations


Last Modified on February 26, 2021