Classroom: 8th Grade/Rm. #29
    Subject: Social Studies/NC History
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    Hello and welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies at CCMS!  

    Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Mrs. Kim Jackson and I am a native Currituckian and a product of Currituck County Schools. I currently teach 8th Grade Social Studies at CCMS.

    To let you know a little about myself, I am a 1990 graduate of Meredith College in Raleigh, NC, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. I also earned my National Board Certification in 2003 & renewed in 2013. I have been teaching for the past twenty-eight  years with twenty-six of those years teaching 8th grade Social Studies right here in Currituck County.

    I hope you are looking forward to a great school year! We will have a lot of fun as we learn about NC/US History. So get ready to work hard and learn lots about our great state and nation!!
                        Mrs. Jackson and her children

    Planned pacing guide:

    1st Nine Weeks: NC Geography, Native Americans, Exploration, Colonization

    2nd Nine Weeks: Road to Revolution, Revolutionary War, Founding our Country/Constitutional Period, War of 1812

    3rd Nine Weeks: Early Industrial Revolution, the US Expands, NC Asleep & Awake, Slavery/Pre-Civil War, Civil War

    4th Nine Weeks: Reconstruction Era, Age of Industry, US as a World Power, WWI, WWII, Cold War, Modern Era



    Dear Student & Family Members,

    Welcome to the eighth grade! I am looking forward to working with you this year. As an educator, I believe that Social Studies can be enjoyable and is especially helpful in preparing students for their lives as an adult. Therefore, I expect students to take their work seriously and to give their best effort.


    Curriculum: We will be studying US history and NC’s role in how our country has developed into the nation that we are today. Some of our work will be individual but I also enjoy discussions and working in groups. Therefore, students should give their best work, a positive attitude, and a strong effort at ALL times so that we can make learning about the past fun.


    Student Work: During the course of each nine weeks, students will have a variety of activities and work products which will make up their grade point averages. Students and parents can expect some type of out of class assignment THREE TIMES PER WEEK.  I typically do not give work over weekends because I feel that we all need time to relax and enjoy life.

    GOOGLE CLASSROOM: We will be utilizing this online tool to organize our classroom activities. Parents, if you would like to join this, please provide your email to Ms. Jackson.

    Absences: If a student is absent, they will get all make up work from their class bin with a brief description of what needs to be done attached to their missing work.

    Notebooks: Notebooks are kept on the shelf in my classroom unless a student chooses to take their notebook home overnight for studying. (Most students will only bring them home to prepare for tests and quizzes.)

    Chromebooks: Students will use their chromebooks OFTEN...remind them to keep them charged daily.

    Here is the breakdown of grade point averages for my class:

    Homework 15 %

    Classwork/Group Work/ Small Projects 20%

    Current Events 15%

    Quizzes 15%

    Tests/Projects 35%

    Parents & family members, please feel free to contact me at school (453-2171, ext. 4039) or through my e-mail address (kjackson@currituck.k12.nc.us), or GOOGLE CLASSROOM with any questions or concerns that you should have concerning my class. I I look forward to working together in the best interest of your child.


    Mrs. Kim Jackson



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