• JP Knapp Early College Mission Statement

    At JPK, our Esports Program is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and inclusive gaming community that transcends boundaries, empowers students, and cultivates a passion for teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship.


    1. Cultivating Inclusivity: We strive to create an esports environment that welcomes students from all backgrounds and skill levels. Our programs is committed to providing an inclusive space where diversity is celebrated, and every student has the opportunity to participate and excel.

    2. Academic Integration: Recognizing the importance of balance, our Esports Program promotes academic excellence by encouraging students to maintain a healthy equilibrium between their gaming pursuits and academic responsibilities. We aim to demonstrate that esports can coexist harmoniously with scholastic achievements.

    3. Skill Development: Our goal is to nurture not only exceptional gamers but also well-rounded individuals. Through strategic gameplay, communication exercises, and leadership training, we aim to develop essential life skills, including teamwork, critical thinking, and adaptability.

    4. Sportmanship and Respect: Upholading the values of fair play and respect, we emphasize the importance of good sportsmanship both in victory and defeat. Our players are ambassadors of JPK and we instill in them the understanding that their conduct reflects not only on themselves but on the entire esports community.

    5. Community Engagement: Beyond the digital realm, our Esports Program seeks to engage with the broader community. Through events, outreach programs, and collaborations, we aim to build connections, break stereotypes, and showcase the positive aspects of gaming to a wider audience.

    6. Competitive Excellence: While fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere, we also aim for competitive excellence. Our teams are driven to achieve their full potential, pushing the boundaries of skills and strategy in regional and national competitions.

    7. Continuous Improvement: Commited to growth and development, our Esports Program actively seeks feedback, embraces innovation, and adapts to the evolving landscape of esports. We strive for continuous improvement in all facets of our program, ensuring a dynamic and forward-thinking environment.

    Through these guiding principles, JPK Esports Program endeavors to not only increase the grammar experience of our students but also contribute positively to our school community and beyond.