• Ms. Morgan’s 5th Grade Classroom

    Room: 208

    (Last classroom on the left on the Gray Hallway)


    Welcome to room 208! I am so excited about being one of your child’s teachers this year. I am passionate about creating a welcoming and positive learning environment for students. My goal is for my students to leave my classroom having grown as a better reader, writer, and citizen. Each student is an integral part of our classroom community and I am excited to work with each student this year.


    Your child will follow the proceeding schedule each day:


    7:30 is when drop-off time begins and your student must arrive by 7:40 to receive breakfast. 7:50 tardy bell rings and breakfast ends.


    Group 1:

    7:50 am- Character Strong

    8:00 am- Reading/Social Studies

    9:35 am- Writing


    Group 2:

    10:10 am- Reading/Social Studies

    11:45 am- Writing 

    12:20 pm- Lunch

    12:50 pm- Recess 

    1:05 pm- Specials 

    1:50 pm- Enrichment 


    Contacting Me: 

    1. Send a message on Class Dojo.
    2. A note in your child’s communication folder (purple folder).
    3. School email: cmorgan@currituck.k12.nc.us
    4. School Office- (252) 232-2237 Ext. 6071


    Purple Folder:

    Your child’s purple folder is very important. This will serve as our communication folder. Any notes, papers, etc. that need to be signed or taken home to review will be sent home in this folder. This folder is important for checking your child’s progress. 


    Bi-Weekly Progress Reports:

    It is my goal to send out bi-weekly progress reports. Attached to the progress report will be your students' work (quizzes, tests. Etc.). This way, you can see your child’s grades and progress in their academics. These will have to be signed and returned to me.


    Monthly Newsletter: 

    It is my goal to send out a monthly newsletter. This will show you what your child is learning as well as any important information or upcoming events that you need to be aware of. 


    Class Behavior Expectations: 

    1. Keep our classroom neat and clean. 
    2. Listen and follow directions. 
    3. Always try your best. 
    4. Be prepared. 
    5. Respect yourself and others. 

    In our class, we will use a reward system called Class Dojo. Students can gain points for helping others, staying on task, participating, returning signed papers, teamwork, working hard, persistence, and having a clean space. In our classroom, it is our goal that every student ends the day with at least one positive point!  If there is a repeated behavior issue, a Dojo message will be sent or a phone call will be made to inform you of the issue we are having.  We are a team! Please encourage your child to do their best every day! If your child is consistently having behavior issues, they may be moved to an individual behavior plan to ensure their success!

    Dismissal is at 2:40.

    If your child's dismissal routine changes, please send a note AND let me know by sending me a message in Dojo.  I cannot take dismissal changes solely through dojo messages or emails.  You must send a note and/or call the front office at 252-232-2237.  Sending a Dojo message in addition to the note or phone call is extremely helpful and appreciated. Communication is imperative to ensure your child arrives home safely!

    I look forward to working with your child this year!

    Thank you,

    Ms. Morgan