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    Our Classroom

    Mrs. Williams’ Kindergarten Classroom

    Room: 402

    Email: awilliams@currituck.k12.nc.us

    School phone and extension: (252) 232-2237 ext. 6047


    Welcome to Room 402, where we are world changers! Below, you will find pertinent information about certain procedures and practices in our classroom that will help you throughout the school year:


    Your child will use a one-inch binder to hold important documents and will serve as a messaging tool between the parent and teacher. 

    “Left at Home:” On the left side of your child’s binder, you will find a “left at home” label. Any documents (school work, information, etc) can be taken out and kept at home.

    “Right Back to School:” On the right side of your child’s binder, you will find a “right back to school” label. Any documents that need to be signed and returned to school should be placed on this side and brought back to school with your child. Also, if you have any important papers or notes that need to be seen by the teacher, please place them in the FRONT on the “right back to school” side.

    Clear Pencil Pouch: If your child brings money for lunch or any other special occasion, please place it inside of your child’s clear pencil pouch case. The pencil pouch case should be located in the front of your child’s binder.

    Change of Clothes

    As we know, accidents can happen, and it is always good to be prepared! Please send in a change of clothes with your child that includes TWO of  the following items:

    1. Underwear

    2. Socks

    3. Pants

    4. Shorts

    5. Shirts (long/short sleeve)

    Class Expectations

    1. Mouth is quiet.

    2. Eyes on speaker.

    3. Hands & feet to self.

    4. Ears are listening.

    5. Raise my hand.

    6. Use kind words. 

    For the school year, we will use a clip chart and Class Dojo to monitor student behavior. You will receive a daily notification of your child’s behavior through a Behavior Chart inside of your child’s binder. If there are any recurring behaviors or problems, you will receive a message through Class Dojo. We will work together to ensure that your child flourishes in all areas in the classroom!