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    Our Classroom

    Mrs. Williams’ Kindergarten Classroom

    Room: 402

    Email: awilliams@currituck.k12.nc.us

    School phone and extension: (252) 232-2237 ext. 6047


    Welcome to Listening Lane, Room 402! Below, you will find pertinent information about certain procedures and practices in our classroom that will help you throughout the school year:


    Your child will use a one-inch binder to hold important documents and will serve as a messaging tool between the parent and teacher. 

    Please check your child’s binder daily. This is another important part of our daily communication. Your child is responsible for packing up his/her binder each afternoon and returning it to our binder shelf each morning where Mrs. Steele will check them for important notes/permission slips/ money, etc.   We will check the contents of the binder each day.  Here is how it is organized:

    Pencil pouch:  Please place any lunch money, field trip money, t-shirt money, fundraiser money into this pouch. 

     Our Class: 

    1. Class Newsletter: I will send home a newsletter each week on Mondays informing you of different upcoming events and what our class is learning in school.

    2. Book Buddy - (Coming mid-late September). In the book buddy, there will be books to have your child read to you, sight word lists (and flash cards if you choose to make them each nine weeks), sentence strips and other assignments as the year progresses.  Please work on this every night that it is possible.  This will be your child’s only homework, so please be sure he/she works on this each week.  New books and other items will be sent home each Monday once we get started.  

    3. Activities/Projects: Activities/Projects that are assigned will go on the left side of this binder.  Please note these papers and send in the projects/activities at the assigned time.  

    4. Parent Communication - The left side pouch of the binder will be for notes that need to be signed and returned to school, as well as other important information.  Please remove papers daily so that they do not stack up!  

    5. Heart Words/High Frequency Words - This list is of words is in our binder and part of the book buddy homework as well.  Please work on these daily with the enclosed handout on Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words!

    6. Parent Tips/9 week Expectations-  Tips for parents on how to help your kindergartener with expected tasks is also found in the binder.  9 week expectations spell out for you what is expected of your child each 9 weeks.  Please refer to these so that you can help your child be prepared and on top of things for each 9 weeks.

    7. Parent Information Packet - The Parent Information packet in the binder for parents to refer back to throughout the year and your acknowledgment of having read and understood the contents.

    Change of Clothes

    As we know, accidents can happen, and it is always good to be prepared! Please send in a change of clothes with your child that includes the following items:

    1. Underwear

    2. Socks

    3. Pants

    4. Shorts

    5. Shirts (long/short sleeve)

    Class Expectations

    1. Mouth is quiet.

    2. Eyes on speaker.

    3. Hands & feet to self.

    4. Ears are listening.

    5. Raise my hand.

    6. Use kind words. 

    For the school year, we will use a clip chart and Class Dojo to monitor student behavior. If there are any recurring behaviors or problems, you will receive a message through Class Dojo. We will work together to ensure that your child flourishes in all areas in the classroom!