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    Did you know that the first modern novel was a SPANISH BOOK about a knight!?

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    My name is Amanda Faith Lowman, and I am in my 3rd year of teaching at CCHS and my 10th year of teaching overall. I have been a teacher of record for all grade levels, K-12 and adult education. It is an honor to work with your student this semester. My whole family bleeds Currituck red. My son is a Knight in the 9th grade. This is not a job to me, this is a family commitment to our community.  I believe that all students can and deserve the chance to learn.


    I am a firm believer in the two plus two degree path. I started out with my Associate of Arts degree in general studies from Trident Technical College. I have a Bachelor of Spanish with a minor in linguistics from the College of Charleston. I went on to receive my Master of Education and Reading Specialist designation from Texas A&M - Central Texas. (Students, I highly recommend all three schools and would be happy to tell you more about them!)


     As a linguist I have formally studied English, Spanish, French, Latin, Japanese, ASL and have dabbled in Italian and Portuguese. Languages, literacy, travel and cultures are my passion. My favorite parts of my job are interpreting to connect people and watching my students take pride in learning to speak Spanish. I currently teach Spanish I, II and III honors. By student demand, I am also working on putting together a student Spanish and an ASL club. Check for more information on that as it develops.


    Below you will find my contact information, office hours, NC Standards as well as the course syllabi.  I am more than happy to answer questions you may have or to set up tutoring for your son/daughter.  Because I work with students throughout the day, emails to amandalowman@currituck.k12.nc.us are usually the best way to get in touch with me.

    Office Hours:  Monday-Friday: 10:21am - 11:48am; Early Release Fridays: 9:46am-10:38am

    NC World Language Standards    

    Spanish I Syllabus 

    Spanish II Syllabus

    Spanish III Honors Syllabus 

    Señora Amanda Faith Lowman, M.Ed.

    Currituck County High School 
    Teléfono: 252-453-0205 ext. 3036