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     I am happy to be here at CCHS.  I have been teaching for over 22 years, from middle school to college level. I have lived in Eastern NC/VA all my life. I have taught all the sciences at the high school level. I got my Bachelor's of Science from Chowan University in Murfreesboro, NC and my Master's of Science from Elizabeth City State University. I love all aspects of science. My passions range from wanting to chase tornadoes to looking at cancer cells under the microscope. I hope that we have a great year face to face. I have missed students in the classroom as well as doing real labs.  I also teach at Chowan University,  Human Anatomy and Physiogy lecture and lab, Bio 101 lab, and several educational courses. 


    Biology Syllabus


    Earth Science Syllabus


    Below you will find my contact information:

     Email: aswain@currituck.k12.nc.us

    Phone: 252-453-0014 ext. 3089

    Room: E14

     The best way to reach me is by email. My schedule is:

    First Semester:                                     Second Semester

    First: Biology                                             Physical Science

    Second: Planning (office hours)                Physical Science               

    Third: Earth Science                                 Physical Science

    Fourth: Biology                                          Planning (office hours)

    Learning Expectations

    I expect you to:

    1. respect your classmates and this room. 

    2. be prepared for class.

    3. submit assignments on time.

    4. always put in your very best effort.

    In return, you can expect that I will:

    1. be respectful of you and your classmates.

    2. provide a safe learning environment.

    3. be fair and consistent with all students.

    4. always put in my very best effort to help you reach your goals.


    • School issued Chromebook or personal laptop (charged and ready to go)

    • 3-ringed binder with loose-leaf paper 

    • Writing utensils (prefer pencil)

    • Coloring pencils

    There will be no phones or chromebooks usage in class unless students have permission. 

    As always, send me an email and let me know if you need anything. 

    Best from CCHS,


    Amy Swain