• The purpose of this page is to allow you some insight into my program and myself. There is so much happening here that this page is a bit long as a result…I have been teaching Automotive Technology for over 28 years, (most of it here at Currituck County High School). After completing two years of auto technology courses in high school, I continued my education and training at General Motors, Mazda, Toyota, Infinity, Nissan, Lexus, Precision Tune, Snap-on, NAPA, Ford, CarQuest, and many others.
    I am also a member of the International Automotive Technician's Network, North Carolina Trade and Industrial Educators, North Carolina Auto and Diesel Association of Teachers, Society of Automotive Teacher's Association, associate member of Society of Automotive Engineers, and ASE Certified Master Technician with an Alternative Fuels Certification. I have had the distinct honor, (more than once) of being listed in Who’s Who of High School Educators in America.
    Before coming to Currituck County High School to teach, my career in the field of automotive technology was very rich. I started in the dealerships, gravitated to high-tech drivability diagnosis and repair and eventually became a nationally certified technical trainer for an international auto repair franchise. Ultimately, I acquired a chain of auto repair shops in and around Richmond, Virginia. I sold that business to pursue my true calling; teaching automotive technologies.
    In my years here teaching Automotive Technology in Currituck County, I have been able to undertake a few extra-curricular activities with my students. A few years back, my students and I were able to convert 2 ordinary vehicles into extraordinary Electric Powered Vehicles. Both vehicles were very impressive! After we converted to electric power, we competed in the EV Challenge. The EV Challenge is a national high school student competition that encourages teens to explore the world of alternative fuels technology. Both of our vehicles won many awards under performance competitions, slalom, start/stop and range, overall design, and most importantly; safety!
    In 2008, as a result of the rising fuel prices, we were once again studying the use of alternative fuels. We were approached by a major manufacturer of soybean-based bio-diesel fuel to create a bio-diesel powered vehicle. The result was a bio-diesel powered Harley-Davidson motorcycle that gets 100 MPG! It was featured on Speed Channel’s “American Thunder” television show. In 2010, we modified a classic 1967 Shelby Mustang GT-350 CONVERTIBLE! The project consisted of our students completely re-wiring the entire car with modern conveniences. Power windows, power locks, active security system, 10 speaker stereo system, 3-point seat belts, leather interior, fuel injection and much more! This project was a two-year-long process. This vehicle is now a FLEX-FUEL capable car, just like a modern vehicle! At the close of the year 2010; my program was honored by Universal Technical Institute the parent company of Motorcycle / Marine Technology Institute, NASCAR Technical Institute and many others. They administered over 12,000 scholarship tests that year, and presented our program with a huge trophy. 
    My approach to teaching automotive technology is greatly “hands-on”. I believe the student can ‘watch and understand’, but that same student will ‘own the skills’ if they do the repairs. Therefore, each student will be exposed to a working shop environment and real world repairs. I am excited about the world of automotive technology and the direction it is going. Many of my graduates are enjoying very successful careers in the automotive field. As a result, my program has benefited tremendously over the years from all of the support and contributions. Therefore, I truly believe that the Automotive Technology course we offer here in Currituck County High School is the best in the state!
    I can be contacted via Email: mwootton@currituck.k12.nc.us
Last Modified on November 9, 2023