Math Club Representatives

Math Club Representatives
  • Left to Right:  Marissa Secretary, Ryley ~ President , Andrew Vice President 

  • Math Club members participate in coming up with ideas to help the club grow.  Math Club have fundraisers to support Pi Week.  Members have requirements to attend all meetings, participate in 1 Friday Office Hours each semester and complete a study guide on a specific math topic of their choice.



    Math Club Activity Ideas

    • Math Club Shirt Design
    • You Got BOO'D Candy Grams ~ October Fundraiser ~ Students will receive their candy grams on Halloween
    • Candy Cane Grams ~ December Fundraiser ~ Students will receive their candy canes the week before final exams
    • Penny Wars ~ March Fundraiser ~ Staff members volunteer to participate in Penny Wars ~ Students get to decide whether staff member(s) will get pied on Pi Day by using their pennies
    • Easter Egg Pi Hunt ~ March 14th ~ Students participate in finding Easter eggs that have digits of Pi in them ~ The student(s) with the longest digits of Pi will win a prize.
Last Modified on October 28, 2022