• Guidelines:

    As a member of the Raider Round Table Club, one is responsible for working with both the staff and students of Currituck County Middle School. Club activities may include:

    • Serve as ushers at community events/ awards ceremonies.
    • Act as a guide for school tours and/or “buddy” for new students.
    • Prepare and work at school dances and other activities.
    • Promote kindness, acceptance, tolerance, and school spirit.


    Responsibilities for Raider Round Table Club members:

    • Attend after school meetings approximately once every two weeks.
    • Participate in club activities.


    The following are guidelines for acceptance in the Raider Round Table Club:

    • Maintain a C or above in all classes.
    • Display leadership qualities.
    • Work with and listen to others.
    • Possess the desire to make Currituck County Middle School a better place!
    • Not been in RIS (Restricted Instructional Setting) or had an OSS (Out of School Suspension)