• Welcome to Agricultural Sciences

    Exploring Environmental and Natural Resources

    Contact information

    Mrs. Cartwright

    Currituck County Middle School


    453-2717 ext. 4020


    Students will need one composition notebook and something to write with each day.

    Hand sanitizer, tissues, extra pencils, paper and art/craft supplies are always appreciated!

    Course Objectives

    • Students will understand the relationship between natural resources and the production of food and fiber.
    • Students will understand how environmental stewardship within the agricultural industry relates to natural resource stewardship.
    • Students will understand the fundamentals of the agricultural science program.
    • Students will understand the importance of agriculture to our social and economic well-being.

    How to Succeed

    Participate! This class is all about participation. Stay on task and engaged in classroom activities. Follow all given instructions.

    Arrive on time & ready to learn. Students should be in their seat and ready to begin when the bell rings.

    Show respect. Be respectful when addressing adults or other students. Take care of CCMS property.

    Be Responsible. Clean up after yourself! Arrive to class with a pencil, notebook, chrome book and any handouts or homework.

    Leave the electronics in your locker. Follow CCMS electronics policy. I will enforce the “See it / Hear it, take it!” policy. Chrome books should only be used in class when I have specifically asked.