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  • Subjects:  English II and English IV

    Room # F-16



    Bell 1        English IV      8:00 am - 9:27 am

    Bell 2        English II Honors    10:05 am - 11:32 am

    Bell 4        English IV Honors      1:38am to 3:05 pm

    Phone #  453-0014   extension 3070



    I am so excited about the upcoming semester!

    This is my 28th year teaching English and I am thrilled to be in my 8th year teaching in Currituck; I love being a Knight!

    I have a minor in French from Virginia Wesleyan College, a Bachelor of Arts in English Education from Old Dominion University, and a Master of Education in Linguistics and Reading Curriculum and Instruction. I am also a National Board Certified teacher!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me; I'm happy to speak with you!


    With an intense focus on reading and literacy, students will build upon their understanding of literary concepts, elements, genres, and terms and apply those understandings to the interpretation of literature. Poetry will be included in our unit of study. Through inquiry and research, students will examine literary works in a cultural time and context to appreciate the diversity and complexity of world issues. Most importantly, students will be prompted to connect global ideas to their own experiences.