It is great to be back! This will be my 34th year teaching, of which have been right here in Currituck. I grew up in Currituck , but now live in Camden . I recieved recieved my Bachelor Degree from Elizabeth city State University.  I have taught first, sixth, most of my experience has been in fourth. Currently, I am teaching Fifth Grade Science and Math Remediation.  All students will be keeping a Science Interactive  Notebook, it will house their notes and classwork. Most importantly it will serve as a study guide for their Science tests.


    I will be using CLASSDOJO.  This will be used a parent contact tool for positive behavior and behavior that needs to be improvred. Fifth grade will be working as a team to give your child the best opportunities to learn. We will be offering open cafeteria seating with the other fifth grade classes and  Friday fun enrichment time to those students that prove they have given us their best efforts in working and behavior for the week.  


    Homework for Science will be given almost on a daily basis , as each day they are asked to review and study the information that has been added to their notebooks. I will also post on DOJO the assigned homework .


    This will be a great year and thank you for being part of it!!!!  Feel Free to contact me slenda@currituck.k12.nc.us