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    Name: Ms. Santa
    Office Hours: 4th Bell (1:30-3:05)
    Phone: (252) 435-1134 ext. 3022
    My name is Mary Elysse Santa, and I am pleased to teach theatre at Currituck County High School.   This is my second year of teaching.   I have Bachelor's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Management from Western Carolina University and a Master's in Theatre from Regent University.  I have directed over a dozen theatrical performances and served as the Assistant Director for Peter and the Starcatcher, as well as founding and serving as artistic director for Broadway or Bust Theatre Camp.
    I look forward to the opportunity to create with students this year and hope that they will enjoy their theatrical experience.

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    Virtual Audition Room

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    You do not have to be in theatre classes to audition for CCS Theatre productions! Any student in good academic standing can audition for plays and musicals. We have a great 2021-2022 season coming up featuring a Shakespearean tragedy, two comedic musicals, and a one-act play festival. All audition information will be posted in our virtual audition room (Google Classroom).


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    Theatre I: Intro to Theatre
    In this course, students will learn the basics of theatre: moving on stage, developing a character, pantomime, lighting, and acting. Students will also learn the origins of theatre: Greek, Medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan, and what theatre looks like today.
    Fall 2021–Bell 3
    Spring 2022–Bell 1

    Theatre II: Creation & Design
    In this course, students will deepen their knowledge of theatre. The emphasis will be on understanding theatrical works and designing elements of a theatrical work.Topics covered include: costume and makeup design, lighting design, character motivation, effective physicalization, and writing of monologues and sketches based on literary works and characters. Students will study 19th century theatre, Naturalism & Realism. The semester will often culminate with the production of a play and/or scenes.
    Spring 2022–Bell 2

    Theatre III: Performance & Direction
    In this course, students will concentrate on performance techniques, including performing major monologues. Students will assume key roles in the semester’s production. In-depth directing challenges will be addressed. Historical studies include Expressionism, Absurdism, and Epic Theatre. This class features a heavy focus on theatrical performance rather than management and design. This semester will often culminate with the production of a play and/or scenes.

    Fall 2021–Bell 4

    Theatre IV: Production
    In this course, students will produce a one-act play as a part of a festival at the end of the semester. In this course, they create their own costumes, props, lighting/sound design, cast and run their own rehearsals, and try their hand in multiple jobs in the theatre space. Students will deepen their knowledge of acting techniques and try their hand at directing others. Analysis of play structure is a major component. Honors students should expect to work together on a production for the semester, completing a full production of a play and/or musical.

    Spring 2022–Bell 3

    Musical Theatre
    In this course, students will study musical theatre as an art form by participation in and the watching of musicals. They will research major collaborators, view movies, learn choreography, write lyrics, analyze music and films and sing Broadway songs. They will also work on and with the current production’s stagecraft.

    Fall 2021–Bell 1

    Theatre Management
    In this course, students will learn about the inner workings of theatre as an industry, focusing on the non-performance elements of stage and theatre management. This class includes topics such as: set and prop design, stage management, box office management, theatrical marketing, and production management. Students will assume key technical roles in the semester’s production.


    Email: msanta@currituck.k12.nc.us
    Phone: (252) 453-0014 Ext 3022


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