• The 24 Game - Math 24 Tournament

    Team Coach- Mrs. Haskell

    Fourth and fifth graders looking for a challenge, "24" may be for you! "24" is a fast paced, problem solving/computation competition where students race to see who can correctly combine four numbers to get a solution of 24. Sound easy? You may be surprised how challenging it is! 

    "24" Math Club meets on Monday - Friday mornings 8:00 am - 8:30 am in the KIES Media Center. Team members will be selected in February to participate in the county-wide "24" Tournament in the spring. Tournament is held at Moyock Elementary School on March 8th.  All elementary schools in Currituck as well as other counties are in the competition. 
    It's up to YOU!!! See you at "24!"  Here's the link to the official "24 Game" website for tournament rules and ordering information:  www.24game.com