• Mrs. Morgan's Kindergarten Classroom 
    Room: 403
    (2nd classroom on the right on the Blue Hallway) 
    Welcome to room 403 where we will learn and grow together!  We will spend each minute of the day stretching our brains and playing as we learn how to read, write, count, add and subtract! Kindergarten is such a fun and exciting time in your child’s life. It is a time for exploring, learning, and growing. You will see your child mature in many ways: intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Kindergarten provides your child with an exciting opportunity to become part of the  learning community here at SES and is where your child's school adventure begins!
    Each day your child will follow the following schedule.  We believe in routines and schedules as that's how young minds work best!

    7:30- Drop off time, buses unload, Students report to class (Students must arrive by 7:40 each day if he/she wishes to eat breakfast at school)

    7:50- Tardy Bell rings- Breakfast ends 

    7:50- 9:00 - Instructional time

    9:00-9:45-  Specials

    9:45 -11:10 - Instructional time

    11:10- 11:40 - Lunch

    11:40-1:40 - Instructional time

    1:40-2:10 - Recess

    2:10-2:30 - Instructional Time

    2:40- Dismissal 

    Contacting Me

    There are four main ways to contact me, with the top two being the best and most used form of communication:

    1.      Send a message on class dojo. (I can send mass messages to all parents but when you message me, only I can see that message and I can message you privately as well)  

    2.      A note in your child’s binder (please put it on the left side pouch in the front)

    3.      School email- amorgan@currituck.k12.nc.us

    4.      School Office- 252-232-2237 ext. 6043

    If you need to make urgent contact, please call the school office and speak to one of the secretaries.


    Your child’s binder is very important. It will contain snack calendars, book buddies, helpful parent tips and is a means of parent/ teacher communication. There will also be important data on your student’s progress.

    1. Left side pouch of binder:  Please be sure to check this daily to stay “in the know”  and to be sure you take out important papers that are sent home so that the side pouch does not get too full.  If you have a note concerning absences, dismissal changes or any other important info, please place it on the top of the left side pouch so that we can easily see it!  DO NOT place important notes for me anywhere else as this is the spot we check each day.

    2. Clear Zipper Pouch: This zipper pouch is to hold any money you send in to school with your child. (Field Trips, Lunch Money)
    3.  Book Buddies will start towards the end of September or first of October, more info on these coming soon! The most important academic activity that you can do with your child each day is to read together. Please spend at least 15 minutes each night reading with your child and working on the books in his/her book buddy.  You can read it to them and then they can read it to you!
    Change of Clothes

    You will send in a change of clothes for your child at the beginning of the year.  This change of clothes will include 2 pairs of underwear, socks, pants, shorts and a long sleeve and a short sleeve shirt.  If your child brings home soiled or wet clothes, please be sure to wash them and send them back as soon as possible.    

    Class Behavior Expectations

    1.      Listen when others are speaking.

    2.      Follow directions quickly.

    3.      Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    4.      Encourage each other.

    5.      Always do your best work.

    In our class we use a reward system called Class Dojo in conjunction with our clip chart. Students can move their clip up/gain points for following the rules, teamwork, participating, and doing their best work. In a similar way students can move their clips down/lose points for being off task or not following directions. In our classroom, it is our goal that every student ends the day with at least one positive point!  If there is a repeated behavior issue, a Dojo message will be sent or a phone call will be made to inform you of the issue we are having.  We are a team! Please encourage your child to do their best every day! If your child is consistently having behavior issues, they may be moved to an individual behavior plan to ensure their success!


    Toys are not allowed at school. If they are brought to school they will be confiscated by the teacher and only returned to their parents. There will be a note home if a show and tell is requested.


    We will celebrate your child’s birthday in class. You will be invited to join us for a celebration and you may bring a store-bought treat to share with the class.

    Students may enter the building at 7:30 and the Tardy Bell rings at 7:50.  If he/she is eating breakfast at school, they need to arrive no later than 7:35. It is extremely important that your child comes to school every day on time! Your child’s academic and social success is greatly influenced by daily participation.  Each day we are learning and growing.

    Dismissal is at 2:40.

    If your child's dismissal routine changes, please send a note AND let me know by sending me a message in DOJO.  I can NOT take dismissal changes solely through dojo messages or emails.  You must send a note and/or call the front office at 252-232-2237.  Sending a Dojo message in addition to the note or phone call is extremely helpful and appreciated.    Communication is imperative to ensure your child arrives home safely!

    We look forward to working with you and your child this year!

    Thank you, 

    Mrs. Morgan