• District and School Data

     *Please Note: The 2021-22 School Report Card update will be released in December of 2022.  

    At various times during the year, data is collected by the district and used to make decisions related to instructional programs, allocation of resources, or create or revise policies or procedures.  Data is also collected in order to analyze our progress in achieving goals for improving student achievement. In many cases, this same data is reported to the NC Department of Public Instruction where it is aggregated into a state wide report and presented to the State Board of Education for approval and released to the public.  
    The annual NC School Report Card compiles this data and provides comprehensive information on student achievement, school climate, student demographics and teacher quality for each public school, each school district, and for the state as a whole.  

    This Report Card includes important, detailed information about school and student performance, class size, attendance, school safety, and instructional resources. The Report Cards also provide details about school performance under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). They contain information about school discipline, high school graduation rates, and digital learning devices. For the first time, schools will receive a letter grade A-F to reflect overall student academic achievement and growth in the school. The letter grades are based on student performance (80%) and academic growth (20%).

    Parents and community members are encouraged to view the information and ask additional questions to learn more about the special programs and efforts to improve student achievement.   Click the link above to access the NC School Report Card.   
Last Modified on October 17, 2022