• Welcome to the Art Room
     Welcome to the Art Room.
    In this room we will be creative, be messy at times, make good choices, and be respectful of other's artwork as well as our own.
    A.   R .  T.   I.   S.   T.   S.
    Act responsibly! Respect yourself, other's, materials, and your school! Think art smart and make good choices! Imagination and creativity! Stay seated and talk quietly! Try your best! Stay focused!
    This year students will keep an Art Journal throughout the school year. The notebooks will stay in the art room until the end of the year. Students will use them for notes, art project ideas, new art vocabulary, practice, and a place to be creative.
    A little bit about me...My name is Mrs. Baker and I have worked at Central Elementary since 2008. I have worked as a substitute, a Teacher's Assistant in the E.C. department, and a Teacher's Assistant in Kindergarten, First Grade, and Fourth Grade. I am very excited to be teaching Art at Central Elementary, Jarvisburg Elementary, and Griggs Elementary.
    "Every child is an artist." -Pablo Picasso
Last Modified on August 26, 2014