• Ink'd Unknown

    Our compass in directing our publication is student creativity.

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    The Currituck County High School's Literary Magazine, Ink'd Unknown, was first published in 2007.  This is a magazine of art, photography, writing, and music created by CCHS students which highlights the stages of a knight's journey with each successive publication.  Our 2007 publication-A Knight's Catalyst; 2008-Metamorphosis; 2009 Awakenings; 2010-Hope; and our 2011-2012 is titled Crusade:  Lights in the Dark.  We are proud that we have received a rating of excellent throughout our years of participation in national recognition from the National Council of Teachers of English.  (PRESLM)

    Local businesses who wish to support the magazine can do so through the purchase of ads or sponsorships.  Individuals can also support the magazine as a "Friend" or "Patron" for a minimal cost.  For more information on how to support these student efforts, please contact Ms. Rubino or Ms. Person at www.currituck.k12.nc.us

Last Modified on January 20, 2015