Classroom Rules and Expectation


    Students are expected to read and follow the guidelines, procedures, and rules stated in the Moyock Middle School Student Handbook.  This handbook can be located at the Moyock Middle School Website.


    Classroom Rules




    The following system of intervention are in place:

    • 1st Offense   Verbal Warning
    • 2nd Offense   Student Conference in the HallWay
    • 3rd Offense  Parent Contact via Email or Phone Call
    • 4th Offense  Office Referral

    ALL Major violations will be sent out immediately with referral


    Materials Needed


    • Headphones or Earbuds for Career Exploration Videos

    Office Hours and Communication

    Ms. Frazier’s Contact Information - Please See Page for More Details


    Class Procedures and Protocols

    This is how our classroom is run.  You are expected to know and comply with all class procedures and protocols.


    Entering the Classroom

    • Line Up:  Students line up outside (single file) with proper dress code, no gum, and electronics put away.
    • GREET:  Students greet Ms. Frazier at the door with a smile and offer hand sanitizer.
    • 5MOZ:  Students will enter quietly, find their seat, and begin the 5 minutes of Digital Zen.

    (5MOZ) 5 Minutes Digital Zen

    • Quiet, not silent during this time.  If you must speak, it should be only to your neighbor.
    • Read the board for the Agenda of the day
    • Complete Bell Ringer Activity
    • Log into your computer and visit Canvas


    During the Class Period:

    When Ms. Frazier needs your attention:

    • Ms. Frazier will flash the lights on and off.  You are responsible for making sure that you and the people around you are silent and that your attention is directed to Ms. Frazier.
    • MOYOCK:  Ms. Frazier has the word Moyock on her board.  Each letter represents 3 minutes of Free Time you will receive on Friday as a class. A letter is erased when attention is not received.


    When you need Help

    • Raise your hand.  Put it down when Ms. Frazier acknowledges you.  
    • Continue working on something else until she is done helping others.



    Ms. Frazier Dismisses the Class!  In order for this to happen:

    • The classroom has been reset and cleaned.
    • All students are in their seats.
    • The class is quiet

    Daily Attendance

    Please review the following FAQs:

    What do I do if I’m absent?

    You are responsible for any make-up work in class.

    1.Check your student mailboxes for a note left by Ms. Frazier.

    2.Check Google Classroom for missing assignments.

    3.Check your gradebook for a missing symbol

    Late Work

    What about work that is late?

    What about work that is late?

    Classwork assigned during the course of a bell is expected to be completed that day. Late assignments will be marked down ten percentage points for each day late. Assignments received later than three days after the due date may NOT be accepted.


    One School Day

    -10% off total possible points

    Two School Days

    -20% off total possible points

    Three School Days

    -30% off total possible points

    After Three Days

    The Student may receive a 0

    Students will be given two opportunities to turn in an assignment before an academic referral is written. The first opportunity will always be the original due date of the assignment. The second opportunity will be determined based on communication between the teacher and parents/legal guardians as well as the needs and availability of the student. This includes but is not limited to Office Hours, Working Lunches, and other opportunities that will be made available to students. 


    Note that any and all requests for additional help must be arranged in advance via phone call or email.

    Grading Scale and Breakdown

    School Wide Grading Scale

    • 100 – 90   A
    • 89 – 80   B
    • 79 – 70   C
    • 69 – 60  D
    • 60 or Below   F

    CTE Subject Breakdown:

    • Classwork: 40%
    • Quizzes: 25%
    • Tests/Projects: 25%
    • Participation: 10%

    Frazier updates grades every Friday unless it’s a MAJOR project.


    For More Information on

    Currituck Career and Technical Education, please visit:


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