Student Responsibilities

  • Exploring Agricultural Science

    6th Grade - Exploring the Environment & Natural Resources

    7th & 8th Grade - Exploring Animal & Plant Science  

    Student Expectations

    Students are expected to be respectful to all other students, faculty, staff members and guests. Students must be sure to listen and follow directions to ensure the safety of all students while working in the classroom, during lab activities and outdoor garden activities. Students can expect engaging, hands-on lessons each week. Be prepared to work hard, get a little dirty, learn new things and have fun!

    Netiquette is a set of rules for behaving properly online. Your teachers and fellow students wish to foster a safe online learning environment. All opinions and experiences must be respected in the tolerant spirit of academic discourse. You are encouraged to comment, question, or critique an idea but you are not to attack an individual. Working as a community of learners, we can build a polite and respectful course community. Please remember that ALL online activity that takes place on school issued chromebooks is monitored. Chromebooks should only be used in ways that are school appropriate. Chromebook activity is monitored at all times using the go guardian program.


    Students are expected to be engaged and participate in lessons and activities each day. Participation is important! Students will receive a participation grade each week. Students will be required to complete a cumulative final exam at the end of the semester. The course will be graded as follows:

    Participation, Projects, Weekly Assignments and Unit Tests - 80%

    Final Exam - 20%

    Grading Scale:

    A: 90-100 

    B: 80-89

    C: 70-79

    D: 60-69

    F: 59 or lower

    Missing and Late Work

    Students will be responsible for their materials and their work (including make-up work). Late assignments will be accepted, but points will be        deducted according to the CCMS late work policy. Students should check google classroom to catch up on missed notes or assignments as well as ask Mrs. Cartwright for makeup work.