• Currituck County Schools

    School-Wide Title I Plan



    PART 1


    School Name  Jarvisburg Elementary School                     

    Original Date: 9/21/2020

    Title I Contact  Ashley Libretto               



    Statement of School-Wide Title I Assurances

    Your school-wide plan:

    • Was developed in consultation with the LEA.
    • Was developed in consultation with the school improvement team.
    • Was developed in consultation with teachers and parents.
    • Has taken into account the experience of model programs and relevant research so services may be most effective if focused on students in the earliest grades.
    • Provides a program that supplements-not supplants.
    • Is a comprehensive plan for reforming the total instructional program.
    • Has adopted challenging content and student performance standards.
    • Shows commitment by the staff to provide supplementary services to those students that are at risk of failing to meet performance standards (levels 1 or 2 on EOGs).
    • Focuses on school needs and justifies with needs assessment data.
    • Provides for the collection and disaggregation of data on the achievement and assessment results of students.
    • Has a list of Federal, State and LEA programs that will be included in the school-wide program.
    • Provides for individual student assessments.
    • Describes how interpretation of individual student assessment results will be provided to parents.
    • Describes strategies used to implement programs, activities, and procedures for involvement of parents consistent with provisions in Title I law. 
    • Describes strategies used to provide for professional development.
    • Describes instructional strategies and staff development that is scientifically research-based.


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Last Modified on October 7, 2020