• This year we will be participating in the Log1Contest, giving our school the chance to earn 100e dollars (or $271.83 to be exact :)) This prize will be awarded to the top ten schools in each region, but there is also the opportunity for AWESOME door prizes, such as TI graphing calculators, math games, etc. These individual tests are broken up into three rounds. (See dates below) and three divisions (see divisions below). Exact testing times will be announced later. The test takes place at the school and is completely FREE! 

     Practice Tests Can be Found at this Link (scroll down): https://mualphatheta.org/content/log1-test-descriptions


    Round 1: November 7 (during office hours) Topics Applications or Equations/Inequalities

    Round 2: January 14 (during office hours) Topics Logs/Exponents or Circles/Parabolas/Polygons

    Round 3: February 13 (during office hours) Individual Topic



    Mu Division-for students who are taking a Calculus course

    Alpha Division-for students who are in math courses above Algebra 2, but have not taken Calculus

    Theta Division-for students who have not taken a class above Algebra 2. 


    For more information, visit https://mualphatheta.org/national-log-1-contest