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    North Carolina Gifted Education Programs

    "Programs for the gifted differ in response to local needs and resources, but successful program design takes into account a common set of components. According to Reis (2006), a cohesive, thoughtful, and comprehensive gifted program design serves three major functions. First, it communicates which students’ needs will be met and how. Second, it communicates a plan for implementation and coordination among the design components. Third, it provides a framework for decision-making and continuous program improvement. The North Carolina AIG Program Standards have been developed to serve as a statewide framework and guide LEAs to develop, coordinate, and implement thoughtful and comprehensive AIG programs. These standards reflect Article 9B and nationally-accepted best practices in gifted education. Furthermore, the AIG Program Standards help ensure that the needs of AIG students are met and the potential of AIG students is optimally developed."

    Source: Retrieved 12/2018

Last Modified on December 18, 2018