Mrs.  Melissa Harnly, AIG Consulting Teacher



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Melissa Harnly, AIG Consulting Teacher

       I am very excited to be working in Currituck County with the wonderful Students, Staff, and Administration of this County. I look forward to many wonderful and enriching opportunities while serving the Currituck communities as an AIG Consulting Teacher. 

     As a professionally seasoned 15 year Teacher, I aim to meet the needs of all our schools' student populations. While working with students I am striving to develop each student's talent in a way to improve his or her knowledge, focus, specific social-emotional needs, and his or her ability to grow from their efforts.  I hope to combine those who have drive and abilities with stimulation, support, meaningful projects, inspiring teaching, and exceptional facilitating.

The AIG Students receive services according to local district and state policies.  In general, the policy states students are to receive services while being “cluster grouped” within the general education classroom, some may receive consult services, and others may receive pull-out services with the AIG Teacher. Students will be engaging in a diverse curriculum that is aimed at teaching beyond the core.  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Project Based Learning (PBL) are two such methodologies I have found to be successful.   Students will work a great deal on projects, but will receive facilitation from the AIG teacher and are encouraged to seek help and guidance from other resources and peers. Their goal will be to engage in authentic work that is a reflection of their skills and a continuation of their growth.  Students will receive guidance and scaffold skills to push them beyond the core. Students will continue to be encouraged to join competitive events such as Math 24 Tournament and The Battle of the Books Competition as well as extra-curricular activities beyond the general education classroom. 

     AIG students are encouraged to work on skills throughout their day from all their teachers.  They will get specific instruction with the AIG teacher during their Enrichment Block.  During this block they will receive direct instruction, facilitation, and or consultation. 

  Thank you all in advance for the opportunity to work with your child.  It is my goal to create in him/her an enthusiasm for education and instill a great love of learning. From time to time, I may be calling on parents and guardians to help with classroom and school events.  If you are interested in helping please contact me and let me know. If you need to reach me you may call me at either school or better yet, email me at


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