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  • Bells 2&4. Blog # 4.

    Posted by JOANNA BLUME on 2/17/2020
    On September 17th, 1787 our Constitution was signed and sent to the states for ratification. Last week we began our study of the US Constitution by dissecting the Constitutional Convention, and the factions that resulted over the ratification debates. This week we will study the principles of the Constitution and the Amendments added to the body of the original Constitution. Several years ago a survey found more people knew the 5 Simpsons more often than they did the 5 freedoms in the First Amendment. So, is the Constitution just an outdated document that Civics teachers use to take up space on their walls? I certainly hope not! I want you to see the document living in your lives all around you. So, in keeping 1787 in step with 2020, here is what I would like you to do this week:
    1. Read the article Why We Must Teach the Constitution.
    2. Thomas Jefferson said: “Enlighten the people and tyranny and oppression will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.”  What do you think Jefferson meant with this statement? 
    3. In what way, if any, can studying the Constitution help you in the future? Explain your opinion.
    4. Take this Constitution Quiz to see what you already know! How did you do? What is one fact you learned from the quiz?

    Your response should be at least five sentences in length.  Please remember to SIgn IN and EDIT your writing.

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  • Bells 2&4. Blog # 3.

    Posted by JOANNA BLUME on 2/4/2020

    This week we will take a historical journey into the roots of American government. We will look at the causes of the American Revolution and study our first attempt at government that failed. Ten years after the Declaration of Independence, our country was a mess! Democratic government at the national level was slow in coming. Many people "wrote off" our country and wrongly predicted its failure. Democratic government is never easy and the events that are currently unfolding in Hong Kong illustrate this. Can the factions put their egos aside and bring stability? Read the article below and answer the following questions.


    1. Why do you think the people of Hong Kong are struggling to maintain their democracy and bring about greater freedoms/rights?
    2. Do you think the US should be concerned by the events unfolding in Hong Kong? Why or why not?
    3. What do you think it will take to transform Hong Kong  into a stable democracy? 

    Your response should be at least five sentences in length.  Please remember to SIGN IN and EDIT your writing.




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  • Bells 2&4. Blog # 2.

    Posted by JOANNA BLUME on 1/27/2020

    This week we will study different forms of government. We will learn that our country is a democratic republic, whereby we elect government officials to represent us. We will compare and contrast our system of government to other governmental systems including the totalitarian regime of North Korea. This week I am asking you to consider the documentary we will watch about North Korea and to also read the article below and answer the following questions:


    1. What did you learn that surprised you about Kim's regime? 

    2. Summarize what you think the United States and international community should do about this regime?

    3. What differences do you see with authoritarian governments like North Korea and republics like ours?


    Your response shoule be at least five sentences in length.  Please remember to SIGN IN and EDIT YOUR WRITING.

    North Korea

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  • Bells 2&4. Blog # 1

    Posted by JOANNA BLUME on 1/21/2020

    This week we will explore and discuss citizenship and immigration. We will look at immigration laws and frame our discussions as to why people still flock to America. Illegal Immigration is definitely a problem. Everyone agrees with that. However, what we do about it is something that our nation is divided over.  I would like you to read the article below and respond to the following questions:

    1. Many suggestions have been made concerning illegal aliens.  Some of these include a wall along the southern border, continued deportation, amnesty for illegal aliens, a guest worker program, and open borders.  What do you think we should do about this issue?
    2. In what ways can our country benefit from legal immigration?
    3. How big of a problem is illegal immigration to you? Should it be a government priority? Why or why not?

    Your response should be at least five sentences in length.  Please remember to sign in and edit your writing!


    Should the U.S. Build a Border Wall?

    The U.S. Immigration Debate

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