• 5th Grade Math Overview

    In 5th Grade Math, students will be building on their math skills from prior grades. Students will be further developing their overall understanding of numbers and progressing in their knowledge of fractions by gaining understanding of fractions as numbers and applying their understanding with different operations. We will extend on our problem solving-skills through word problems and developing strategies to multiply and divide! Students will be looking into shapes and their properties as well as developing an uderstanding of volume. We will also be representing and interpreting data through different visuals, charts, graphs, and tables. This is just an overview of some of the things we will be learning this year! Please view the additional sites linked below and things you can do to help your child be successful in math!



    Sites and Activities

    • Figure This - According to Tools4NCTeachers, this is a site that you can use together for math challeges as a family! There are 80 math challenges here that you can choose from. Many are open-ended, and there is a parent section where you can print the challenges, hints, and related problems.
    • Splash Math- According to Tools4NCTeachers, this is free site where students can play math games. There is a curriculum link that will connect you with games that are aligned with grade level math standards. 
    • Greg Tang Math- According to Tools4NCTeachers, this site has several games to help build fact fluency.
    • Raft Race- According to Tools4NCTeachers, this is a site that presents math challenges in a "comic book" format. Some of the skills are not directly related to North Carolina math standards, but the style of the site promotes motivation for problem solving. 
    • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Illuminations Interactives- According to Tools4NCTeachers, students can use interactive toold to help them create models for problem solving.
    • Thinking Blocks- According to Tools4NCTeachers, this is a site where students can create models to solve word problems and have a visual aid provided to aid in choosing the correct operations for word problems.
    • Prodigy- A game style approach for students to working with mathematics.
    • Reviewing multiplication facts
    • Apply math to "real-world" and daily scenarios such as when you are shopping at a store.
Last Modified on August 19, 2019