Social Studies
  • Studies Weekly
    In our Social Studies class, we will be using the "Studies Weekly" format. It is a weekly , newspaper-like, interactive resource. Currituck County has invested in this resource to insure multiple avenues of learning are available for our students. This resource has a digital companion as well. My goal is to use both digital and physical resources for various activities. The digital link will be on Google Classroom and the physical paper version will be in a folder they will keep.
    Higher Order Thinking Skills
    By studying the world as it was in the past, we can better make connections to why it is like it is now. Essential Questions will be an integral part in this process. Using Essential Questions, our students will gain a better understanding of the content they will be interacting with. My hope is to instill Higher Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S) in our young people so that when they are faced with the complex questions of life they will be better equipped to solve them with intelligence, understanding and compassion. Some examples of Essential Questions are:
    • How can war be both good and bad?
    • How do you think the rise of industry/technology affects the strength of a country?
    • What is destiny?
    • Is the United States a moral government? Why or why not?
    • What is conflict?


    Other Resources

    In addition to the "Studies Weekly", we will also be using various resources as we explore the ancient world and move up to the Middle Ages. Some of the resources are listed below:

    • Nearpod
    • Flocabulary
    • BrainPop
    • EdPuzzle


    Our Focus for 6th Grade Social Studies:

    • First Nine Weeks:
      • Geography
      • Archaeology
      • Early Humans
      • Mesopotamia
      • Phoenicia
    • Second Nine Weeks
      • Egypt
      • African Kingdoms
      • China
    • Third Nine Weeks
      • India
      • Greece
      • Rome
    • Fourth Nine Weeks
      • Rome continued
      • Incas, Mayans, Aztecs
      • Middle Ages



Last Modified on August 26, 2022