• Honors Math 3

    Class Syllabus:Honors Math 3 Syllabus


    In this class, I use Schoology to post assignments and videos. Students, please see me for your access code. 

    Parents, if you would like access to your child’s Schoology account to track his/her activity, please send me an email so that I can get you your parent access code. This code is specific to your child and different from his/her access code.

    Students, if you are absent please visit the “Miss a Day?” folder on Schoology. There is a link in this folder that will take you directly to a Google Drive where all the class notes are stored. It may help to change the Drive setting from “Name” to “Last Modified”.



    Sign up (It's Free!) to get reminders about homework, tests, quizzes, projects, etc. Simply send a text to 81010 with the message @19jpkmath3


    Supply List

    • Sharpened Pencils
    • Graph paper (I prefer loose leaf)
    • At least a 1&1/2 inch binder with notebook paper
    • 8 dividers labeled Units 1-8
    • Folder


    Tutoring Times

    TWRF 7:50-8:15, Room A5

    TR's 11:14-12:10, Room A5

    Fridays 12:40-3:30 - Peer Tutoring Only


    Math Expectations

    1) You MUST SHOW YOUR WORK in order to receive full credit. Work should be neat and organized

    2) Mistakes are Expected, Respected, Inspected, and Corrected. Making mistakes is a part of the learning process, but it is important that we LEARN from them.

    3) Math work should be completed in pencil to allow a chance to erase mistakes.



    If you see a “1” in the gradebook on Powerschool, this means that you CAN still make-up the assignment. I place a “1” in the gradebook, so you can see how your grade will be affected if you don’t make it up. If you see a “0” in the gradebook, this grade CANNOT be made up.