Honors Foundations, Civics & Economics
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    This course name appears on the student's schedule as American History: Founding Principles, Civics & Economics. What a mouthful! I will refer to the course as Honors Foundations, Civics & Economics. This Honors course covers the goals and objectives in greater complexity, novelty, acceleration and/or pacing, and reflects a differentiated curriculum. My Honors students will learn to express and defend their ideas while learning to accept constructive criticism with maturity. I will incorporate opportunities for students to become reflective thinkers who possess the potential to put their learning and accomplishments into useful and creative practice. I also hope to explore areas of interest within the designated course of study that have real-life meaning. Honor Civics and Economics is distinguished by a difference in the quality of the work expected, not merely an increase in quantity. This course has a mandatory NC Final Exam that counts toward 20% of the student's final grade.  

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